Real Vanity is a business enterprise of Gestione Stock Srl ( ) which is a leading society in quality fashion stock distribution since 1990. Our society purchases its items from the most prestigious boutiques in Italy and abroad which deal with highly renowned brands of Italian and international fashion and directly form brand producing companies. We are wholesalers for many outlet shops in Italy, Europe and rest of the world. Amongst the many brands we trade are Dior, Prada, Dolce e Gabbana, Chloè, Versace, Blumarine and Gucci. We directly buy and sell all our clothes and accessories, avoiding any transaction in order to guarantee their finest quality and authenticity. Over the years we have widened our business experience and we have opened several retail shops of fashionable clothes in stock in Northern Italy. Through our web site we want to fulfill and widen our multifaceted business experience: all offers and items which get every day in our storehouses will be available to everybody.