RedEye is the leader in behavioural email.Behavioural email integrates web analytics data with email marketing to send relevant and targeted email campaigns based on a user’s individual online browsing behaviour (eg. basket abandonment email). Sending email campaigns based on site behaviour and personalising from data can drive a 30-40% increase in response and conversion. RedEye was established in 1997. In 2001 Redeye launched the first behavioural email campaign for William Hill. In 2005 the company bought e-relationship marketing Ltd ‘e-rm’ and began the drive towards integrating email and web analytics in order to increase the return on investment for customers. Capabilities grew and in 2006 a unique behavioural email marketing solution became available. During this time optimum.web Ltd also became part of RedEye, expanding RedEye’s services to website usability. In November 2010, RedEye launched Behavioural Email onDemand, a self service solution enabling online companies run basic behavioural email campaigns.