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New Delhi, Monday, August 13, 2012: On the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami, Richlife Worldwide held its first BATTOL workshop at the Yellow Turtle Play School, Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR Region. Richlife have been performing in emerging markets to guide children, professionals, schools, institutions, corporate and government to take the right decisions for the betterment of this world in line of Millinium Development Goals set by United Nations Organization. The BATTOL process is a proven, well-researched logical approach towards self realization and actualization of goals - creating a balanced and contented way of living. The occasion of Janmashtami was celebrated by a fancy dress competition, where we could see kids dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha. The fancy dress competition showcased the children’s talents and enriched them with spirit of participation. The event was attended by several parents along with the principal and team of Yellow Turrtle Playschool. As Richlife offers services on Biological Aptitude Test (BAT) it was necessary to let people know about the unique service through a face to face interaction. Along with the celebration of Janmashti, parents got BATTOL process knowledge through the banners and standees of Richlife that had been put up in the school. Richlife officials held a healthy discussion with the parents enlightening them about the importance of BAT. The parents took great interest in the event and took part in the discussion with rapt attention. Many of them registered themselves too. Such a great response from the parents of even very young toddlers was truly overwhelming. The Principal of the school Mrs. Santosh Sharma was very exited about this whole process and its certification process implementation at her school. Richlife certification provides complete support system to schools and its staff for strong result oriented outcome. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Bhagirath , founder and president of sales and marketing, Richlife, said “ Do What you love , Love what you do is the Mantra for Success” He said “Every child is different. Each child has a different talent. Therefore parents should never pressurize their children. Rather, they should encourage their children to do well in whatever they are the best at and whatever they want to be”. It was a non-formal event where children enjoyed themselves and it was fun to see children dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha. Ms. Iza, principal image consultant for Richlife said, “Every child has a unique personality. Through this mere fancy dress competition, parents should recognize their child’s hidden magic that reflected in their performance. I she said its parents duty to nurture the child along with school and to nurture the talent of their child so that their performance gets enhanced and they can recognize the arena of their passion.” The whole atmosphere was of fun and frolic. Richlife officials too interacted in a friendly, easy going manner. Mr. Rajesh, who is a Director of Australian unit and performance excellence coach for Richlife said, “Every child is talented but they do not know where their talent lies. Therefore it is the parents who need to guide their children towards the right and appropriate direction.” On this occasion, Mr. Prakash Arya, (V.P. – Rosemary Interactive) said, “We have designed each and every communication tool of Richlife in a very sensible manner. The standees, poster and other communication tools have been designed in a way that is attractive and informative. Even the colour combinations used were carefully decided. The style of writing and content is expressive, impressive and comprehensive.” As he owned the fact that the service is of a complex nature, he made sure that all communication of Richlife is very concise and friendly.” Rosemary Interactive is the creative agency for Richlife Worldwide & Group of Companies. About Richlife Rich life is a life management consultancy firm, coaching & mentoring clients to realize the purpose of their, plan their dreams and live a balanced and happy life. Richlife group of companies have been catering the services of education guidance, career counseling, Job assistance, performance excellence, Image consulting, immigration and settlement in developed countries for the last 7 years. With offices in New Delhi and Australia, this company does the coaching for life management is a multi layer and diligent process that help individuals in their holistic development. Richlife Worldwide is a part of Twenty 4 Seven 365 HR worldwide Pvt. 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