Rita Singh

My son has been doing all my finances since he was 11 years old when I was having to work longer hours at my job. At 14, he managed to refinanced my house with Bank of America and refinance my car with Orlando Federal Credit Union. He also caused my insurance premiums to decrease while maintaining the same coverages. At 16, he was able to fix my mother's credit and contacted the corporate office to have her approved for the credit card she was originally denied. Recently, he got over $1,300 worth of interest and fees refunded from a credit card company. For the past 8 years, he has never been late on any kind of bill while maintaining strong academics and has helped me maintain excellent credit. He is now 19 and has successfully completed a finance book. He wants to donate all the profits to charity. He has been doing financial seminars at his college warning students about the student loans crisis looming within America. Danny has been recognized by Governor Rick Perry, First Lady Anita Perry, Seminole County Commissioner Bob Dallari, Florida State Representative Jason Brodeur, and several news stations as the "financial whiz kid" for his accomplishments.