Ritual Candles Chicago

Performing Money Rituals with Green Candles. Green Ritual candles can and should be used in many rituals to achieve better results. Most popular ritual involves “attraction” of money. Before beginning the ritual, you will need to purchase green napkins, green ritual candles (for best results, you should use triangle-shaped candles), and thread. Starting on a Wednesday, set aside one coin of the same denomination every day for a week. By the following Tuesday, you will have seven coins. On that day, about twenty minutes before midnight, find a sizeable table to spread a napkin on. Put a few bills under the napkin (the larger, the better), place a green candle in a metal holder on top of the napkin, and then evenly spread all seven coins around the base of the candlestick. You want to do this calmly while focused on the ritual you are about to perform. Keep your goal in mind. At midnight, light the candle and lay your palms on either side of the candlestick without touching the coins. Peer into flame. Do not think about why you need money or how you’re going to get it—just focus on wanting it. While looking into the fire, imagine the coins raining down on you. Try to hear them ring as they fall through the sky and hit the ground. Imagine the sound of leaves rustling in autumn. The goal is to disconnect from reality and immerse yourself in the scene.