Rmc Motorsports

We are Rocky Mountain Custom Snowbikes. We have over 10 years experience building and riding snowbike from all makes and models. We specialize in everything snowbike! Give us a try today. We have been around snowbikes since the beginning and now look at the sport and the industry it has grown so much these past few years. Just like the snowmobiling community in the past the snowbike community is rapidly growing with new companies entering the snowbike market every year and with snowbike sales doubling each year the community is on pace to be even bigger than the snowmobiling community. From backyard shops to HUGE multimillion-dollar corporations this sport has come a long way and with events like the X Games debuting snowbike competition in 2017 we are excited to see where snowbiking goes in the future. I've been personally building snowbikes for 8 years from budget builds to a pair of bikes totalling $90,000. We are Alberta’s most experienced snowbike shop and we know what it takes to make a snowcross race bike or your back-country bomber and will customize the bike for your needs. From custom built parts to basic bolt on parts we have been building snowbikes since the start. We have lots of experience modifying KTM, Husky, Husaberg, Kawasaki and Yamaha snow bikes. No matter what you have for a bike or a kit we can get you taken care of. Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to serve our customers over the phone and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our service and our affordable prices. Give us a call today for all your snowbike needs.