Robert Neely

10th March 2012, Robert Neely, Marketing Head, College Clothing, one of the hottest College Clothes Store having a vast collection of college clothes said in a press conference “Our success is the satisfied smiles of our customers, and we try to maintain it further”. Recently College Clothing entered the modern world of online marketing and spreading their products to the global market. Whatever is your taste in clothing, you would love to browse their portal and I am sure that, you would end up buying at least a T-shirt or top from the awesome collection they have. For the gents section there are plenty of designer jeans both in boot cut and straight cut, formal trousers, formal shirts, T-shirts and scarves as well as ties, which is practically a one stop solution for the hectic life of a student. College clothing needs to be fashionable, but guys should keep in mind that they need not wear clothes to college that degrades their seriousness. It’s ok to be cool and approachable but not to be taken too casually by anyone. Choose perfectly fit shoes or sneakers and a pair of socks with appropriate accessories and jewelry like bracelets, watches and a nice chain and sunglasses to add that air of importance without being too much groomed up. College clothing sprang up to life with the huge demand of college clothes by the female force of various colleges. So it’s no wonder that women have more options in clothing than men. Guys wear either jeans or formal trousers for college, but see girls have a variety of clothes like jeans, trousers, skirts with beautiful t-shirts, tops and formal shirts or blouse. Even for college parties they can wear that sexy dress bought from a nearby store, which is feminine yet acceptable for in campus parties. Accessories for girls never seem to end; ear rings and necklaces, bracelets, watches, finger rings and so on, there are plenty of options for them to glam up their college attire. Shoes can be of plenty of varieties for the female brigade, high hills, flip flops, sneakers or leather boots everything looks just perfect on them when teamed up with the perfect set of clothes they wear for college. Perfumes and body sprays are available with essential for spicing up their persona. Because whatever you do and wear goes in vain without the perfect fragrance accompanying you. To complement your college going look, use light and soothing cologne or perfume and avoid using strong ones that can irritate someone allergic to it. Finally get a bag that holds all your bare essentials for college, if your college is far from where you stay always drop a pair of jeans and a top a spare brush and comb, so that in case you make some last minute plans with friends or late night studies during exams at a friend’s place your bag saves you the trouble. Keeping books, pens, mobiles and other essential things must be kept in mind while you buy a college bag. Beauty and functionality both need to be balanced for your college look and boost your confidence. About Author: is the portal of one of the most popular online College Clothes Stores that keeps in mind to offer College Wear, which are always in demand with College Fashion. Fashion in College has all new definition due to the introduction of College Clothes Store over the internet. For more information, please visit: Address: Robert Neely 2854 Mapleview Drive Memphis, TN 38128