Ruby & Poe

Ruby & Poe is an eco-friendly, plant-based, ultra-low-impact, baby and mother apparel company that sees education as a central part of its mandate. It is every child’s fundamental right to inherit a livable planet and that it is our responsibility to uphold and protect that right. Ruby & Poe’s production process has been carefully overseen to deliver an absolute minimum of waste and wholly handmade product that comes directly from their fields and factory to your home. Ruby & Poe's process has been proven to be sustainable for human consumption and mother earth. All Ruby & Poe’s products are made from 97% Tencel™, manufactured from the renewable source of raw material beech wood and Tencel™, eucalyptus-based fiber that has proven to be more environmentally sustainable. Ruby & Poe only uses naturally occurring plant dyes derived from the locally sourced flora of Indonesia. Education is central to Ruby & Poe's mission. They are passionate about helping our youngest generation grow up in an unpolluted, free, and thriving environment. Ruby & Poe wants our youth to inherit a continued responsibility to protect our planet for their futures. They believe in teaching that a positive global environment is everyone's job. A portion of the proceeds of each garment sold goes to furthering that cause by supporting a local eco focused non-profit teaching our youth.