Ruide Technologies Inc.

business sectors : distribution, R&D and manufacture. We keep expanding upstream and down stream of our business, exploiting products potential. We present high-value added products and services.  Our vision:                      Worldwide competitive advanced materials supplier; Contribute to high performance wire & cable  industries through our Compounds & Composite films. Our history: Oct 13th,2004.Our Guangzhou Ruide Trading Co.,Ltd founded. Began our fluoropolymers distributing business. June 2010 our Changzhou office established to serve eastern China customers. Aug 2013 removed to our own office located at Panyu . July 2014 our  plant 1 began to compound  foam FEP, Color masterbatch,Cross linkable ETFE.  PCTFE tubing & thin-wall PFA tubing came down production line. July 2015, Changzhou office removed to Rm101, 7C,108 east Hehai Road,Ambassador House,Xinbei district. Jan 2016 our PI/F composition film plant started. After our 12th anniversary celebration, Guangzhou Ruide trading Co.,Ltd renamed as Ruide Technologies Inc. Ruide evolving from a 100% distributor into a corporation operating R&D,manufacture and distribution business.