Running Wild Press

Running Wild Press is for readers who want stories outside the lines. Too often we can see the end of a story hundreds of pages in advance. But the best stories catch you by surprise. They whip you around corners you didn’t see. They lead you through countries, down roads, across fields you didn’t know could be discovered. They connect you with new friends, and reveal old friends in new light. We know authors who write these amazing stories and don’t follow genre rules. Their stories rarely see the light of day. We started feeling like the world was missing out on today’s great voices. Then someone asked Lisa Diane Kastner: “If that’s how you feel, why don’t you make space for those stories yourself?” Done. Running Wild Press finds writing that illuminates our collective imagination, polishes it to a tight shine, and then shares it with our friends – you, dear readers. Grab your glasses, relax in a cozy chair, and let your relentless imagination join us and run free.