Ryan Standley

Since 1947, Coin-A-Matic Inc., has been heavily involved in the coin operated entertainment business. From phonographs, pool tables, and pin ball machines to our new venture - www.freegameday.com Our new website runs on today's newest technology allowing for the ultimate gaming experience for our gamers. With new titles being added daily, it's easy to see why we have over 40 solitaire games, and over 1400 puzzle games. By the way, did we mention it's all free. Really, feel free to play on our dime. Why is it free? In the forties, after the war, a wave of enthusiasm existed in America for novelty games. Back then, the cost was only a nickle and sometimes a dime. As the years progressed, we saw an ever increasing cost to supply quality machines and games that proved worthy of our clients hard earned pocket change. Fast forward to today's cost of doing business it was easy to realize that most kids, teenagers and adults aren't able to afford the cost of playing a game. Hence, www.freegameday.com A revolutionary step for the family business was the purchase of a server and dedicating the time required to write the software. Things are now running solid down the fast lane of the internet with our free online games.