Sage Teachings That Inspire

Dale is founder and director of Sage Teachings that Inspire. He is also the creator of the Transcovery Process®. “Trans” referring to Transformation and “Covery” referring to Discovery. This self-actualization process provides the structure in which we can access, correctly identify and release the energy of negative thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs, patterns and attachments that have been running our lives. It’s the life-changing process of purging and releasing this negative and limiting energy that creates real transformation on a cellular level and deepens our journey of self-discovery. Real transformation is usually achieved incrementally for the greater purpose of True Self-Actualization. The TransCovery Process® shows us how to use everything in our life as a way to empower our transformation and to bring our lives into alignment with our True “Soul” Self. Dale has developed strong and proven strategies and teachings for business coaching, keynote speaking, and private intensives, in addition to offering a variety of themed seminars from money mastery and entrepreneurialism to relationships.