Sahibinden is a Turkish online classified advertising company that offers stores and free of charge listings. Sahibinden is Turkey's leading e-Commerce marketplace. It was founded 9 years ago by Taner Aksoy, when internet usage first began to grow in Turkey. During those years, many people around the world also began to realize the commercial potential of the internet as well as its entertainment capability. Projects from different countries and cultures had one thing in common: using the right strategy at the right time. This way of thinking led to the internet having more influence on business decisions and creating new business ideas. Before Sahibinden could be launched a significant number of ads had to be in the system. For this, a call center was set up. All national and local print ad owners were called and their ads were listed on Sahibinden. Within a couple of weeks, Sahibinden had 2,700 ads in 6 different categories, ready for its launch on 1 September 2000. From the start, generated interest and worked to deliever customer satisfaction by implementing users recommendations, dealing with complaints immediately, listening to feedback and updating the operational structure accordingly. Today, Sahibinden is one of the most visited e-trade sites in Turkey. Sahibinden carries ads across many different sectors such as real estate, vehicles and shopping. It now has over 1.000.000 active listings, 1 billion monthly page views and 11 million monthly unique visitors. One advantage Sahibinden believes it has over the competition is offering services to many different sectors as well as specializing in the different needs of each sector without losing the basic structure of the site.