Saltmarch Media

THE NAME 'Saltmarch' is inspired by the 'community' element from the high-water mark of India's freedom struggle, the Dandi March. The salt march was a living sermon to the country and it was heard by many, and it changed many. That sermon speaks to us just as loudly in the new millennium. The salt march was primarily about empowerment; it told people they were stronger than they thought. Saltmarch Media's ethos rests on empowerment empowering communities with information, and providing them with opportunities to engage and network. Our parallels to the original march extend to how principles should be adhered to, in the face of adversity; on the meaning of openness and truth, on how we relate to and connect with the people who know that they have the power to force a difference. Saltmarch Media connects marketeers, HR and training professionals with targeted, qualified, opt-in communities of buyers and customers; delivering measurable results that help companies generate leads, shorten sales cycles, optimize HR, deliver efficient training and grow revenues.