Samrat Pharmachem Limited

SAMRAT PHARMACHEM LIMITED Samrat Pharmachem Limited was incorporated on 16th June, 1992, at Ankleshwar in Gujarat State of India. It was promoted by Mr. Lalit Mehta & Mr. Rajesh Mehta. The Company is currently manufacturing Iodine salts & Bromine salts. We have one of the widest range of Iodine derivatives. The finished products produced by the Company are used in various industries like Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Food, Fertilizer, Salt etc. The products of the Company are well received in Indian & Foreign markets. The company is a Public Limited Company & its shares are listed & traded on Bombay Stock Exchange. The company has state of the art plant at Ankleshwar & a modern office in the heart of Mumbai. We are sensitive to our environment & proactive on our responsibilities towards the society. EVOLUTION COMPANY HISTORY The company led by the founder Mr. Lalit Mehta was into various pharma products for many years gaining all experience and knowledge it has become a leading manufacturer of Iodine Derivatives in the world. The founder has been a part of the company & the pharma industry since the year 1965.