Savvy Royalties Ltd.

Savvy's main goal is to educate investors by giving them priceless information on the subject of oil and gas investing. If investors understand the "risks" and "rewards" for each type of oil and gas investment, they will be better equipted to identify and profit from successful investments when they become available. All participants own an undivided interest in and to the minerals and royalties purchased, so they can always sell out at any time, which provides an almost immediate means of liquidation and quick cash value. Oil & Gas Royalty Investors pay top dollar for royalty streams offering the liquidating investor the chance to sell out for a lump sum as opposed to smaller monthly payments and returns. We help investors evaluate their needs based on the following criteria: 1. Expertise – The experience and expertise an investor has in buying royalties and minerals. 2. Investment Amount – Some investors are more comfortable buying larger royalties than others, we have avenues that fit any budget. 3. Risk Tolerance – We offer solutions for investors to participate in many well packages as opposed to a few well packages spreading out risk. 4. Exit Strategies – We work hard with investors to find exactly what his/her exit will be and how much money on top of their initial investment they would like to exit with then we map a plan for their success. We look at the possible exits before the entrances. For more information or if you have additional questions not answered here, please contact us.