SBS Consulting_Software

SBS Consulting Pte Ltd is operational since 2010. This software manufacturing company is based in Singapore. The company's mission is to help the owners of the small and medium enterprises in automating their in-house processes through the use of a number of software. The software packages are web-based, extremely easy to use and are economically priced. Our software packages: CRM System Doctor and Clinic Management System School & Tuition Management System Payroll System SBS Consulting has marketed following software packages: Doctor and Clinic Management System The Doctor and Clinic Management System is for the GP clinics and Physician's medical practices. The software enables them to go paperless and streamline the in-house processes for the better experience of patients. School & Tuition Management System The educational institutes like colleges, schools, trade schools, tuition centers, etc benefit from the use of School & Tuition Management System. It allows them to take care of their day-to-day tasks in a systematic way. The automation of student enquiry, tracking, registration using online forms reduces the front-desks' workload, whereas bio-metric finger scanners takes care of attendance for the teachers, and seamless connectivity with the accounting software eases the work for accountants. HR & Payroll System Small and medium businesses also need to comply with the statutory regulations and discharge their liabilities. SBS Consulting's online payroll system streamlines and automates the payroll processing for the small businesses. It avoids mistakes that often crept in the manually done payroll processing. The company's software packages are developed with the intention of assisting the clients in streamlining their day-to-day tasks. It saves time, money, qualified and costly human resources. The implementation of SBS Consulting's software products results in the increase in efficiency and productivity of the client's business.