Schedule Any Lesson

Founded on the core belief that teachers, coaches and instructors are the backbone of America and that they are severely underpaid, Schedule Any Lesson ( helps private instructors earn more money and keep the money they earn. The Schedule Any Lesson platform includes five categories of instructors: Sports, Education, Fitness & Training, Music and Dance. Schedule Any Lesson offers a turnkey technology, marketing and business development solution for instructors so that they can focus on providing lessons and making money. Instructors receive their own custom designed website, site hosting and a personalized direct access URL to use in all their marketing efforts. Instructors are featured on Schedule Any Lesson’s national/local online directory that generates direct introductions to prospective lesson takers. Unlike competing private instruction sites, Schedule Any Lesson never charges the consumer a fee to use the service and never retains a percentage of the lesson fees from the instructor. Instead, Schedule Any Lesson is introducing their innovative solution-based services for only $79.99 per year or $8.99 per month, with no other charges and retaining no portion of the lesson fees. Instructors receive a comprehensive technology, marketing and business development solution and keep 100% of their hard-earned money. In conjunction with their site’s launch, Schedule Any Lesson is also introducing their referral program. “Everyone knows a teacher, coach, tutor, trainer or instructor. Introducing your friends to Schedule Any Lesson would highly benefit them and reward you as well.”, commented Gardner. Schedule Any Lesson will pay $20.00 cash for every instructor that is referred, with the goal of enrolling 500,000 instructors and paying $10,000,000.00 in referral fees. To participate, people can visit and click on the “Referral Program” tab to receive a unique personal Referrer discount/referral code. Each time a new instructor uses the unique discount/referral code they receive $10.00 off the annual rate or $1.00 off the monthly rate and the Referrer collects $20.00. The amount referrers can earn is unlimited. For additional information contact Cliff Gardner, CEO at