School Bus Adventures

Why this book? Who isn't familiar with those big yellow school buses? I know I am. My name is John and I'm a school bus driver. Every day when I drive the Big Yellow Bus it brings a new adventure, and at the end of the day stories from the bus make people smile, laugh and it fosters great conversations. As a driver I soon realized that these stories needed to be shared, and so I decided to put together this book titled "School Bus Adventures." It's a storybook carefully crafted for children who aren't yet old enough for school but can't wait to ride the Big Yellow Bus. Every time the Big Yellow Bus comes rolling down the road, mothers, fathers, and grandparents wait by the roadside with children who are too young to ride but wave and jump up and down when they see the school bus. The children seem so eager for that fun bus trip to school. Driving a school bus has been an honor. While the first priority as a driver is to operate the bus safely, we also have a duty to foster a healthy ride for the students to school and home after school, however brief it may be. The children on the school bus are happy and they've inspired many of the stories in this growing series. I'm certain you'll enjoy sharing these stories with the children in your life too. These stories just had to be brought to life, but I need your help: I need your support of this Kickstarter. Help support this project and I promise to bring you good, family fun stories about School Bus Adventures, stories children will read over and over. The Kickstarter Support and Reward levels start at just $10 for the ebook version of School Bus Adventures, which also contains bonus coloring pages, through paperback and hardcover versions, as well as several gifting packages. Children are happy on the bus. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends can share these stories with the children in their life, and together, imagine hopping on board the Big Yellow Bus. It's my hope you'll enjoy School Bus Adventures as much as I enjoyed writing it. Are there illustrations? Yes, this is a fully illustrated children's book with a sampling of an illustration presented here. Also, in the softcover edition we've added extra bonus pages in the back of the book for coloring. We didn't put the coloring pages in the hardcover version because the hardcover version is designed to be part of your permanent collection of children's book. Each illustration is in color and is carefully drawn to help tell the story of School Bus Adventures. What are the stories about? Stories are thoughtfully told in a fun way and involve all kinds of topics: the daily travels, the kids telling the bus driver their stories, driving in different weather conditions, school bus procedure, driving in town and out of town, the different cultural backgrounds of the students, and many other adventures. What will the Book look like? The book is 6 inches tall by 9 inches wide and has 15 pages of professionally edited written stories and color illustrations. We made it this size so smaller hands have an easier time holding the book. The bonus coloring pages contained within the ebook (PDF) version and the softcover version are uncolored versions of the illustrations in the book. We believe many children have access to crayons, but for the ones who do not, a few reward tiers contain Crayon Twistables (a mom recommended these). Also, we're offering both the paperback book with bonus coloring pages as well as a hardcover version (without coloring pages) for anyone with a permanent children's book collection.