Search Engine Partner

Search Engine Partner (Private: SEP) is a top SEO company consisting of ICG, SEO Treo, 1st Page Placement, Get Updated, Vizad, and Rankdex. ICG and 1st Page Placement were two of the first top SEO companies. SEO Treo was the first social media optimization company in California. Get Updated was the largest SEO company and search engine marketing firm in the world from 2001-2007 having over 75,000 clients. Rankdex, founded by Robin Li of Baidu, was the first qualitative / inbound linking search engine with an almost identical algorithm to Google's BackRub Algorithm. Vizad was the first SEO company to offer guaranteed search engine marketing software. Combining the five companies, SE Partners has 39 combined years of search engine experience. Since 1996, SE Partner companies have led the search engine marketing and SEO fields by coining terms like SEO and cloud hosting. Since 2007 SE Partner has gained over 150 clients both large and small. The SEO company now seeks to take its offerings to the next level by bringing SEO 2.0 to the forefront of the search engine marketing arena. SE Partner is also credited as being the first SEO company to crack Google's Universal and Bing's Decision Algorithms.