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Website : lump sum vs. annuity Phone : +1 844-358-9844 Are you wondering what the benefits are to taking a lump sum vs. annuity? If you have a structured settlement, negotiations are often challenging in selling annuities and can include when the payments start, duration of payout, whether there is a beneficiary, and how payments are calculated, and how these areas apply to lump sum vs. annuity calculations. For those selling annuities from a structured settlement, the most common types are Fixed Annuities, where payments are determined up front, Variable Annuities where payments are based on the performance of the investment portfolio, and Indexed Annuities - a hybrid of fixed and variable annuities that offers greater potential return than a fixed, but carries less risk than a variable annuity. If you have a structured settlement and need guidance on taking a lump sum vs. annuity contact Sell Any Annuity today.