For Immediate Release Contact: Sergey Zagudaev, ,, Zagudaev-innovations!!! announces Super Fantastic Online Page Design Suite Bela Cerkva, Ukraine, 14 July 2011 - Zagudaev-innovations!!! has published new product - Useful drafting toolkit to design Web pages. A rollover button turns own picture when cursor walks across it. The rollover button actually includes two or three graphics: the normal state picture, cursor over image, which occurs when the cursor travels across the button, and cursor down picture which occurs once visitor clicks the button. Software has a toolkit called Web Album that lets you computerize complicated jobs of including graphics, creating thumbnails (a miniature illustration of a graphic, generally having a reference to a whole-sized primary image), and setting accurate links to the original graphics. The program contains various thumbnail frames to build a creative and modish Online Photo Album. Aids you construct Web sites with no having to understand HTML. Simply dragging and dropping site elements. Has integrated imagemodelling toolkits so you never want to exploit a third-party picture tool. Internet site pictures may be edited by numerous distortions like glow, gloom, or opacity. Resolution-autonomous vector objects allow for quick creation graphics that may be transformed without harm of quality. You may move and adjust its properties over and over again while keeping its original clarity and crispness with no affecting another items in the animation. Any layer may be drawn with many live effects. Live distortions are completely editable. If you develop any change to the sprite, the effect automatically renews. You can apply gloom to layer, design it shine, display it with transparency and much more. With Artistic Text you have character-level control over all content settings, including color, outline, and filling. It can be created with shadow and live distortions, through any typeset that your computer has. To cut loading time for website users, the program optimizes images by taking away needless information. The optimization instrument has simple interface and aids quickly compare various picture formats to produce the smallest image. AVAILABILITY Super Fantastic Online Page Design Suite application can be downloaded for free at the Zagudaev-innovations!!! site at: ABOUT ZAGUDAEV-INNOVATIONS!!! Founded in May 2011, Zagudaev-innovations!!! designs software to visual modeling system to create web sites For further information on the company and its services please visit its internet site at ###