Shadow theatre Delight

Delight is a creative team, the best in the genre of the shadow theatre and 3d show from Ukraine. Shadow Theatre Delight shows the highest class of the skill and ability to interact with the shadow. Achievement is that we have conquered that no one could. The art of shadow is to give it grace, set the rhythm of the movement of performances - it's all about the shadow theatre Delight. Movements of the united team can bring more than a thousands of words! Our shadows - flexible and alive. Enigmatic, mysterious, sensual - this is world, in which performances of the shadow theatre Delight will take you. We will make you feel in a supernatural atmosphere, amazing plexus of their bodies. Acrobatic team, tracers, dancers, gymnasts create a variety of compositions, figures of animals, people and the history of human progress. Delight has extensive experience in the show of the shadow theatre, and now we have performance all over the world. Ukraine, Germany, China, Kuwait, France, Qatar, Portugal, and it is only the beginning of our creative take-off in a show of shadows. Shadow theatre Delight comes up with new concepts to keep the audience in suspense the whole performance, causing him to feel a variety of emotions.