Shadow Theatre Verba

Shadow Theatre Verba use his skills in many different ways: 1. Touring with show-program «Kingdom of Shadows». 2. Working in corporate event sphere and performing with some of our short performances (galas, ceremonies). 3. Performing with shows that created specially for your event (weddings, birthdays). 4. Creating ads or thematic videos (Ukraine International Airlines, WWF-Vietnam, Maxus, European Championship of Muay Thai 2014). Main achievements in last year: - More than 100 theatrical concerts in USA, Romania, China and Ukraine - Headliners on Jewrovision (Karlsruhe, Germany) - Winners of France Digital Talent ? Show-program in Katara Village for El Adha Festival.(Doha, Qatar) - Main entertainers on Sharjah International Narrator Forum (Sharjah, UAE) ? Spacial show on Sabis 130 anniversary. (Beirut, Lebanon) ? Storytelling show for (Warsaw, Poland) - Headliners on Sharjah International Book Fair (Sharjah, UAE) - Headliners on King Abdulaziz Camel Festival (Saudi Arabia) - Performers on Lancome presentation (Monaco, France) - Performers on BITCNI Awards (Belfast, Northern Ireland)