Shalimar Health

Shalimar Health is your trusted provider of protection products for a Healthy and Hygienic Life. The company offers a wide range of hygiene products from the House of Shalimar Paints, serving India Since 1902. Like all our products, the Shalimar Clean Range meets the highest quality standards and helps foster a hygienic environment to keep you and your loved ones protected all the time. The development and the subsequent launch of Shalimar Health across India in a short space of time is testament to the innovative and passionate nature of our teams that are working round the clock to make a difference in the fight against the coronavirus and other disease-causing pathogens. The Shalimar Health product range includes Shalimar CLEAN Instant Hand Sanitizer (liquid & gel), Shalimar CLEAN Toilet Seat Disinfectant & Spray, Shalimar CLEAN Fruits & Vegetables Cleaning Spray, and Shalimar CLEAN Multi-purpose Disinfectant. The diverse set of products is designed to meet the everyday hygiene requirements of customers such as for personal use, industrial applications, office spaces, and public places such as washrooms, among others. Shalimar’s sanitizers are WHO-compliant and FDA approved for offering top-notch safety and reliability.