Shenyang Hermos CNC Machine Tool Co.,Ltd

Our company specializes in research and production of high end CNC grinding, which has the character of high efficiency,high precision, high rigidity, high stability. The products we can provide for our customers: CNC Internal Grinder,CNC single surface grinding machines,CNC double surface grinding machines,CNC lathe hard machine.Our product technology has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level,we can also supply CBN grinding wheel and CBN tools. The service we can provide:providing complete solutions for hard workpiece,including cnc grinding machine or CNC lathes, supporting fixture,supporting the CBN grinding wheel,CBN wheel,CBN tools,and processes craft. That means we can provide comprehensive solutions to achieve high efficiency,high precision continuous processing. Service industries: bearings,hydraulic,pneumatic,aerospace,engineering machinery,air conditioning compressor,auto parts,oil pump and nozzle,motorcycles and other industries. We can help customers to solve difficult processing parts problems, improve production efficiency, improve product consistency, reduce CNC Lathe,CNC Grinding procurement costs and labor costs,to instead of the imported CNC Lathe or CNC Grinding. Improved production technology, strict quality assurance system, and trustworthy delivery and satisfactory after sales service, is your preferred partner for purchasing cnc internal grinder (supporting CBN wheels) and CNC lathe (supporting CBN tools)! Our company provides customers with volume parts grinding services. Our company provides customers with a free trial grinding workpiece services.Welcome customers to try grinding workpiece to our company.