Shenzhen Cai Ray Glasses Co., Ltd.

Since its launch, the Cai Ray sunglasses brand never cease to progress; it won the 2013 national light industres eyeglasses information center’s “brand of potential” for the year. Besides, Cai Ray brand appeared on both the Shanghai International sunglasses expo and Beijing international suneyeglasses expo and draw a lot of attention. In the expo, Cai Ray impressed the global guests with its innovative exhibition position design and state-of-art manufacturing, thus placing its future on a firm footing. In the year of 2012, Cai Ray sunglasses hit the market with product that are more fashionable and better in quality, Cai Ray sunglasses has very high quality lens. Its sunglasses are made of carbide and oil-proof polarized TAC lens, gradient colorful nylon glasses. Cai Ray always has its eyes on the future, will spare no effort to serve global guests with better quality product and support.