Shoghi Communications Limited

Shoghi Communications Ltd integrated intelligence systems are specially designed for Shoghi's top notch global customers in the field of Defense and in Intelligence Gathering. COMINT Products, Communication Security Solutions, Electronic Warfare , Avionics are field tested and approved with its wide compatibility to customization to suit your specific needs. Shoghi Communications Limited provides our Defense and Government Customers, various integrated systems as well as COTS assemblies and Sub assemblies for performing Signal Analysis and Processing to gather crisp intelligence. Shoghi Designs and Develop various utilities and systems for the purpose of providing Signal Analysis tools to various SIGINT user group's worldwide. Shoghi Communications Limited designs Integrated Communication Jamming systems & modules for use against Radio Controlled IED devices and communication mediums like HF/VHF/UHF,GSM,CDMA etc. for the purpose of anti terrorism & manpower / facility protection. Encryption and Information security has been the core area of Research for Shoghi Communications Limited. Since Inception Shoghi has been involved in Designing and Developing Mil-Grade and Crypto Validated Communication Security Appliances for Government and Defense Information Protection.