Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (March 05, 2010) - During 2009 Siddall and Hilton Products Ltd implemented a more rigid regime of quality through its entire supply chain. The company manufactures steel products from wire including wire mesh and wire fencing products for commercial, industrial and domestic users. The supply chain involves the company sourcing tens of thousands of tons of steel wire from all over Europe as their main production material. In order to maintain the company's high quality standards it implemented a process of inspecting and sample testing all material deliveries. The numerous inspections and tests included dimensional and weight checks, surface finish, coating quality and tensile strength as well as monitoring packing materials, labelling and delivery performance, all against pre-determined criteria. Any material found to be defective has been brought to the attention of the supplier and Siddall and Hilton Products Ltd now work with their suppliers to help to identify causes and solutions. New quality standards have been complemented with additional quality department staff recruited to strengthen the Siddall and Hilton Products Ltd quality team. The initiative also included the design and acquisition of bespoke manufactured testing equipment to enable in-house testing. Before the more in depth inspections and tests were introduced the company typically discovered sub-standard materials during the manufacturing process but the new standards have already saved the company significant time in production by identifying and removing any sub-standard material before it enters the manufacturing line. Supplier performance now continues to be measured and compared as part of an 'open' vendor rating system where the company communicates quality ratings against a variety of criteria and allows suppliers to compare their ratings with those of their competitors. Siddall and Hilton Products Ltd is pleased to be able to announce its recent successful audit for compliance with the quality requirements of ISO9001:2008. Managing Director, Neil Stewardson said "Siddall and Hilton's reputation for providing quality products dates back to 1898. This is a proud family business which has always insisted on supplying superior products. Our uncompromising attitude to quality and our supply chain partnerships are what allow us to state with confidence that our products are of the highest calibre". For information about Siddall & Hilton or any of their products, visit or phone +44(0)1484 401610