Smart Crowdfunding LLC

We are a team of dedicated professionals who love to help crowdfunders succeed with their campaigns! Our services are designed to help Crowdfunding projects look better, gain better visibility and ultimately gain trust with potential backers. We accomplish this using several methods which include a no-nonsense campaign review, meaning you get our tried and tested tools and tips to use with your campaign. We also leverage off social media expertise, press and journalist contacts which helps your project get more exposure and web traffic. These are all critical factors to your Crowdfunding success. Our services can send hundreds and sometimes thousands of people who love Crowdfunding straight to your project page. As professional consultants to Crowdfunding project creators, we also have roots in the Crowdfunding community as a whole. We work closely with both the National Crowdfunding Association and the Crowdfunding Professional Association and are proud to be part of the process of improving the Crowdfunding experience and in helping the industry grow.