Smith Enterprise

Mission Provide our customers with the most sophisticated, highest quality, and most effective weapon upgrades allowing our customers to be more lethal during combat and self defense. Description Smith Enterprise, Inc. has been providing MILSPEC high grade weapons attachments and upgrades to Armed Forces of the United States and its Allies for over 40 years. SEI has supported American fighting men and women through various contingency operations starting with the Vietnam & Cold Wars leading up to the current War on Terror in support of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. SEI has placed Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E) of new technologies and materiel for our warriors over any other business operation. SEI has been the leading manufacturer of flash hiders since 1984. SEI owns various highly acclaimed trademarks and patents to include all of its Vortex ® Flash Eliminator products. The Vortex® technology is a much-sought after technology that no other manufacturer has been able to replicate. During the early years of SEI, the main products were cathode ray tubes and high frequency collectors for radar systems which were provided to companies such as Litton Industries, ITT, Varian Associates, Varo and Hewlett Packard. SEI has evolved and expanded since this time and now offers a wide range of products including but not limited to: -Research, Development, and Products of the Vortex ® Flash Eliminators for the M2 .50 CAL, M4, M16, MK48, M240B, and an almost limitless selection of military weapon systems. -M-21 A5 Counter IED Retrofits for the M14 Rifle. -Rebuildable Quick Attach/Detach Sound Suppressors for 5.56 mm, .30 CAL, and 7.62 mm. -Scope Mounts and Scope Rings for 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, .50 Cal, and several others. -Repair Parts for various small arms. -Bolts, gas lock front sites, gas regulators, barrels, and any other component of military weaponry. -Red Arrow I and II Bipods forward grips -TriRail Forward Brackets and TriRail System for the M14. Several decades ago, we made the major components for the night vision goggles model AN PVS-5. Today we support not only the United States Armed Forces, but also private industry by selling to many loyal customers. SEI currently manages several major contracts or projects providing a range of products to many Federal military and civilian agencies and organizations.