Sofia Wolff

Public Name: “ARTIVIST FILM FESTIVAL & ARTIVIST AWARDS” Legal Name: Artivist Collective, Inc. Website: Titles: Diaky Diaz, President - Founder Dr. Bettina Wolff, Psy.D., Vice President - Co Founder Christopher Riedesel, Vice President - Co Founder Info: Founded in 2003 as an NGO or Charitable Organization, the ARTIVIST FILM FESTIVAL is the only festival dedicated to raising awareness for International Human Rights, Children's Advocacy, Environmental Preservation, and Animal Advocacy through Film. Through the years, the Artivist Film Festival has screened more than 400 international Films representing 60+ Countries, and has produced Film Tours promoting our mission to more than 35 Million people in 5 Countries: USA, UK, Japan, Mexico, and Portugal. The Artivist Film Festival has been publicly endorsed by the United Nations Department of Public Information, Amnesty International, Global Green, Humane Society of the United States, Child Welfare League of America, Claes Nobel of the Nobel Prize Family, and more. Each year, the annual Artivist Film Festival concludes with the Artivist Awards, honoring the contributions of filmmakers, community leaders, and celebrity advocates. Past Honorees include: Peter Fonda, Olivia Wilde, Hank Azaria, Ted Danson, Alyssa Milano, Daryl Hannah, Matthew McConaughey, Joaquin Phoenix, James Cromwell, Mira Sorvino, Tipi Hedren, Mike Farrell, and Ed Begley, Jr.