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SOL ANDROMEDA MEDIA PRESENTS THE FINAL BOOK OF THE HANNA KRUSHER SERIES TRILOGY BY AUTHOR DEBORAH PHIPPS AND AUTHOR DELLEON WEINS An unlikely sixteen-year-old girl, Hanna Krusher, with telepathic abilities, is able to communicate with those from other worlds. She befriends members of the Grey alien race and joins their war against the Reptilian race to save planet Earth. Through the use of a core-mineral pendant, an alliance of entities from other worlds, are able to share special powers, and they assist the Greys. All humans from planet Earth are also beckoned to assist in the war, and seven telepathic young men and women respond, and agree to join a special army. The army members train and fight as they visit new celestial bodies and dimensions. The Grey alien race and alliance members assist with new technology for planet Earth, and also give the army members enlightenment regarding coexistence with other civilizations in the universe, if they are able to win this epic battle. ALL SCIENCE FICTION ENTHUSIASTS HAVE DREAMED OF PLANET EARTH WITH INTERGALACTIC SPACE TRAVEL, TIME TRAVEL, INDEFINATE LIFESPANS AND UNLIMITED RESOURCES. WHAT IF THIS DREAM BECAME REALITY, VERY SOON Comments from readers Great for adults and young adults. A wild adventure that makes you think. You wont put the books down for long.The books have a bit of everything mystery romance action. Publication Date August 26th 2019 ISBN 9781096235071 Price $12.95 Press Pack For author interviews e-mail