At Solartis, our mission is to simplify insurance administration. Our focus is exclusively on insurance. Our customers are insurance carriers, managing general underwriters/agencies, brokers and captives. Today we have over 700 employees in multiple onshore and offshore locations. Every Solartis customer is a Solartis reference. The Solartis Insure cloud technology platform is a complete set of insurance transaction web services (APIs) populated with ISO ERC (ISO's rates, rules and forms) or your carrier specific rating content. Solartis Insure web services span the entire sales and policy life-cycle process from initial quote to endorsement and renewal transactions. Available in three delivery models: “Software as a Service” (with our User Interface), “Platform as a Service” (with your User Interface) and as a standalone “Rating Engine” (for use with your policy admin system). Solartis Administer provides on-demand, administrative BPO services to eliminate the backlog and reduce staffing challenges. Solartis team members work side by side with operational and underwriting staff. Solartis' goal is to free up customer staff from time-consuming administrative activities. We are experienced in every task associated with policy administration and many other activities.