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Sparks Worldwide is the publisher of the new business book"America's Corporate Brain Drain." "America's Corporate Brain Drain" (August 2008, ISBN 9780981494708, hardcover, $26.95) reveals that the swell of lousy service and me-too products, is because the best people no longer work in Goliath companies, and cautions how big businesses will continue to crumble as a result. "Brain Drain" offers solutions for consumers, big-business escapees, and employees of big companies. Witty, provocative executive escapee and globetrotter (78 countries) Babs Ryan weaves travel tales of China, Dubai, Cambodia, India, Iran, Japan, and England with facts to compare the way the world works with why America's behemoth corporations don't. "Brain Drain" is available in bookstores and at More information, reviews, photographs, and excerpts are available at Midwest Book Review said: "America's Corporate Brain Drain is a look at the changing face of business and why it may be related to incompetent management of America's largest corporations. The masses of America, which used to support these massive businesses, are slowly losing faith in them and putting their faith elsewhere. An exposé of the countless mistakes big business have made in recent years, America's Corporate Brain Drain is highly recommended for those who don't want to follow suit with the stupidest mistakes."