SpartaMatrix is a global security solutions provider with a proven record of success. Bolstered by award-winning research and engineering teams, SpartaMatrix delivers industry-leading solutions for ports, logistics and infrastructure security. Our technology has been accredited by the Australian Government and we maintain over 50 strategic alliance partnerships. Our Name The name SpartaMatrix was coined by the founder, Philip H. Wainwright, in 2002. "Sparta" was selected in honor of the mission driven ancient Greek warriors who were disciplined, ordered, and would bravely fight to their death. "Matrix" was selected to define the engineering ethos/technique deployed by the company's founders to design and build each product and system. Our Expertise Our core expertise is engineering of security solutions that remain dependable in the face of malice, error or misfortune, for: 1.Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Ports and Intermodal) 2.Facilities Security (Campus, Casino and Retail) Our experts include recognized leaders in the following fields: 1.Security Intelligence (Money Laundering and Agro/Bio/Counter-Terrorism) 2.Surveillance Technologies (Digital Imaging, Wireless Networking, Biometrics, RFID and GPS) 3.Information Security (Cryptography, Incident Response, Digital Forensics) 4.Alternative Energy