SpartaMatrix International (USA)

SpartaMatrix International (USA)- Company Profile 2004 Australian Technology Showcase (ATS), supported by AusIndustry and AusTrade. SpartaMatrix™ has developed the turnkey Operating and Management System (OMS), which globally networks and meets verifiable chain of custody global compliance regulations proposed for Ports, Marinas, Airports, Rail Systems and other Intermodal Transporting facilities. Our Solutions include both commercial and military applications. SpartaMatrix™ has developed a flexible, cost conscious system to meet this need. SpartaMatrix™, designs, builds and installs technology suites for security systems on behalf of our clients and other third party providers. We are the experts in RFID, wireless communications technologies and implementations, with a focus on the development of RFID Matrix applications that can be seamlessly multiplied, migrated, adapted, and customized. Our technical experts define, develop, and implements reliable solutions for the monitoring, control, and management of transportable assets along the global supply chain. SpartaMatrix™ Security Engineering specialists are building ICT systems that remain reliable and dependable in the face of internal or external attacks, human errors, and environmental mischance. We focus on the essential tools, processes and methods needed to design, implement and test complete systems, as well as adapting existing systems as their environment evolves. We possess the requisite System Engineering skills - from business process analysis through software engineering to evaluation and testing. Our company employs cross-disciplinary expertise, ranging from cryptography, computer security, psychology, organizational methods, audit, and law.