Sphinx Asia

Sphinx Asia the History of our Company Where did Sphinx Asia come from? The founders were Wall Street and Asian Equity Market Research Analysts. Early on, they recognized a big need in the equity markets for independent research to be done on a fee only basis and not attached to any brokerage company seeking corporate finance income, consulting income, brokerage income such as IPOs or merger and acquisition (M&A) deal fees from the very companies that they might be recommending to equity clients as stock purchases. Except for our private equity clients, we are just selling our research reports. That's what Sphinx Asia has been doing now for the better part of eight years. They saw it as not only the way of the future, but as the way of today. They have been proven right with the recent conflict of interest problem spotlighted at major Wall Street firms. The advent of the massive Hedge Fund market further proved out their theory that the overall stock picking industry would accelerate in this direction. Witness the rapid spin-offs of entire research departments from the biggest Wall Street brokerage houses into independent research boutiques. That is who we are and that is what we do. Independent stock research for institutional clients continues to be one of the fastest growing financial industries today within the overall equity and asset management markets. Now let's take it to the next step. Institutional driven equity research is the closest thing to having your very own personal research department giving you the best of the best in stock market picks; but only if you can access these institutional reports as a Private Equity Investor. Sphinx Asia Wealth Management allows you have equity coverage across many industry groups and many geographic markets at once but our analysts select for you, the Private Equity Investor, the best stock picks from there universe of institutional picks. We do this for Private Equity clients only 2 to 4 times per year. That is all ! Yes, Sphinx Asia was definitely right. We now enjoy the enviable position of winning fee based research business from some of the largest asset management companies, mutual fund managers, pension funds and hedge funds in the world as well as giving our select Private Equity clients a few really great stock picks each year that here-to-for have been phenomenal winners with a track record of 100% winning success in the range +40% gains or getter with holding periods that have averaged 7.3 months to date. Some of our recent stock picks exclusively for our Private Equity clients: Goldcorp Inc. (NYSE: GG) +95% General Maritime Corporation (NYSE: GMR) +47% Rio Tinto (NYSE: RIO) +46% James River Coal (Nasdaq GS: JRCC) +79% Fuel Systems Solutions (Nasdaq GS: FSYS) +55% China Aluminum (NYSE: ACH) +181% British Petroleum (NYSE: BP) +42% Yingli Green Energy (NYSE: YGE) +125% Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC) +99% Baidu, Inc. (Nasdaq GS: BIDU) +147% Apple, Inc. (Nasdaq GS: AAPL) +47% and +87% How we work with you When talking about Equity Investment and Stock Research, it is fair to say that no two clients are the same, and this is also true of their performance criteria. For this reason, and to ensure we recommend the best stock selections and provide the best market information, it is important that we fully understand your needs and portfolio requirements. To achieve this, one of our experienced professionals will take the time to explore your current status, your anticipated investment cash flow and your funds commitment priorities. Having worked together to establish a suitable plan, your Account Manager will then, after extensive research, put forward carefully considered stock recommendations and research reports tailored to your asset management style and percentage gain targets. Our Proposals for you will be able to move you ahead successfully with your portfolio management and asset allocation into profitable risk mitigated equity positions. Once your Equity Trades are in place, as a result of our research and recommendations, we will then continually monitor these positions and recommend reasonable exit points when targets are met or revise targets where appropriate. You will receive monthly reports, regular reviews, newsletters, new offering suggestions and face to face meetings in our offices at 101 Tower Building here in Taipei or at your home country office. The success of any Investment Portfolio selection is not just in the initial selection of the investment, but more importantly, in the ongoing management and pro-active amendments `