Stack Marketing Group

S.T.A.C.K. Marketing Group LLC provides the absolute pinnacle in event organizing, public relations and product marketing services. We are working to breath life into every initiative we touch. Most known for our work with the Taiwan Excellence Product Showcases, SMG also produces large format festivals. We have ownership in 2 of the largest and newest festivals in Houston, Texas. The Houston Fajita Festival and the Southern Fried Chicken Fest Houston. Our festivals have served as great branding and exposure outlets for our clients. Brands like Ford, Chick-Fil-A and O'Rielly Auto Parts have all taken advantage of our unique approach to brand exposure through the large format festival. SMG exercises an approach to product and brand marketing that makes it's client's brands the most heard or seen in their given industry. SMG also offers social media management services along with web development to small and large business. With the millennial demographic being the "what's in" for most new brands when it comes to targeting, we understand at SMG that a business must be very thorough in capturing and delivering every aspect of what that particular demographic is using to get their information. SMG specializes in strategic marketing to make sure that your business will reach its goals and also make an impact on its bottom line. SMG practices having a keen, "In the know" eye for every demographic and can help you to find a space in the market that makes since for your business!