Stakana Analytics

Stakana started in 2015 as the brainchild of president and chief data scientist Nate Derby. Nate’s goal was to find ways to offer big bank solutions to local community banks and credit unions – specifically business intelligence solutions. After watching others try to build “one-size-fits-all” pieces of software, Nate realized that a key ingredient to our solutions was, and still is, our ability to customize each solution to fit the goals of the organization we’re working with. From these humble beginnings, Stakana has grown into a network of data scientists and analysts across the United States and works with banks and credit unions with assets ranging from $100M to $50B. Stakana’s story began in 2015, but it doesn’t end there. We continue to grow each year and look forward to a very active future. Our mission is to help small and mid-size banks and credit unions grow their client communities through customized intelligence solutions that help attract, retain and engage members and customers. And to do so in a way that benefits our community and the communities our clients are in.