Steps to Recovery

Our Admissions Department is one of a kind. Our availability and commitment to clients and families prior to admission is unmatched. It’s often the difference between someone continuing to use and getting help. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will work with anyone who needs us. This means that even if you don’t know what you need, we will still be a resource and support to you. We are known to go above and beyond and engage the potential client and their family as if they were already in treatment. Recover in a comfortable, intimate setting. We believe in supporting people in a way that will represent the living situation they will eventually integrate back to. This means that we don’t have personal chefs, steam rooms, Jacuzzi baths, or movie theatres. Our living accommodations are modern, comfortable, and visually appealing. Our settings are designed to meet every need of our clients while creating an atmosphere of motivation and positive self-esteem. We implement routines and rules that mirror the types of patterns that sustain meaningful life skills and productive behaviors. Our client care is unique. We believe that when people are cared for in a genuine and transparent way, the stage is set for meaningful reflection and expression. Our treatment approaches vary in style and paradigm according to the client and clinician, but share the common thread of intimacy. Intimacy acts as the foundation to our individualized care because of its power to open people up, create connection, and build community. Our clients and company have thrived by embracing the idea that we can help people by supporting them to understand themselves and see recovery as a new way of life instead of a barrier to the way they want to live life. We do this by offering our core values to every person in everything we do; Authenticity, Connection, Integrity. We want each and every client experience with us to be so special that it is carried throughout their recovery journey. One look at our testimonials page or interaction with our staff should tell our story of providing services in a way that is intimate, authentic, and transparent.