Studio Pilates International

The Studio Pilates model features intense 40-minute reformer Pilates workouts designed by a team of physiotherapists and exercise scientists. Classes are delivered on multiple digital screens across the workout space, allowing instructors to focus on each client’s technique, and motivating them to get the most out of every move. This unique combination of technology and personalised instruction delivers a truly customised service. Studio Pilates is the franchise phenomenon that is leading the charge in the exploding boutique fitness space, and people from all over the world and from all walks of life are signing on to be part of it. So much more than providing a world-class way to work out, the Studio Pilates business model is profitable and streamlined, offering the smartest and simplest business systemisation in the industry, plus next-level automation built into the business. Established in 2002 by Australian Olympic swimmer Jade Winter and his Physiotherapist wife Tanya Winter, Studio Pilates International is growing rapidly, with over 80 studios currently open or at pre opening stages, across Australia, New Zealand and China and, most recently, the US.