Stumptown Woods

Based in Portland, Oregon, Stumptown Woods took its name from the city’s nickname that was given in 1847. During a period of phenomenal growth for Portland, the locals had to make new roads by clearing heavily forested areas of trees and did not have the resources to remove the stumps, so they left them in place. The stumps eventually became a solution instead of a nuisance, when locals realized they could whitewash the stumps and use them as convenient stepping “stones” (woods) to avoid mud and other unhip things. The company acknowledges that people spend 90% of their time indoors. Thus, Stumptown Woods was created through recognizing the rapid growth and importance of the built environment. They wanted to be the solution for problems that architects and designers face. In doing so, they help them create the buildings that are distinctive, hip, convenient and innovative, and of course void of any mud and with plenty of wood. is available for Architects and Design professionals to reach out for samples, for help regarding questions related to the wood materials industry, and to provide wood material for commercial projects.