Suaju Ltd

Bristol February 2010 One of the top UK software outsourcing companies, based in Bristol, has this month received accredited certification to ISO 9001:2008. This is the world's most widely used standard for quality management systems (QMS). The accreditation is seen by many as a marque of excellence for those businesses that come up to the exacting standards set by the world bodies that govern its use. The issuing body is UKAS and although there are other sources to receive this certification from, UKAS is perceived as the strictest of all the issuing bodies in the UK and as such its certificates are, if possible, lends even more confidence to those sourcing services or products from the companies that have this particular certificate. ISO 9001 certification is often found in both the public and private sectors where it can increase the confidence found in both products and services that are supplied by certified companies and businesses. It is often found to be helpful between partners in business to business contracts, when selecting a supplier in the supply chains of industry and retail and in the tendering processes for procurement contracts. The 2008 standard replaces the old 2000 standard this year and as such accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 for Suaju is truly a modern and commendable level of achievement for this software outsourcing and lean management specialist. The 2008 standard contains no new requirements but contains clarifications on the existing requirements. These clarifications are based on eight years of feedback from implementing the ISO 9001 standard across the globe. As of 2008 there had been over 1 million certificates issued throughout 170 countries. For Suaju to join the top echelons of trusted, reliable and quality driven companies worldwide is a fantastic feather in their cap and any company or business engaging them for their Lean outsourcing services must now have an extra reason to know that they are in safe hands. The company itself has gone from strength to strength recently based on the exceptional quality of its work, this additional stamp of assurance will certainly see its status rise yet again within its field of, not inconsiderable, experience.