Remote monitoring services specifically defines the information that any network monitoring system will be able to deliver. Remote monitoring often includes remote diagnostic capability, which allows the team to diagnose issues and often take corrective action remotely. Remote monitoring services enable organizations to efficiently respond to multiple sites and issues. Following are the 4 benefits offered by remote monitoring services: Limit downtime by 80%- Downtime can cost organizations by the loss of customer trust and can be proved extremely costly. By implementing remote monitoring services, company’s servers will be on watch 24/7. Remote monitoring escalate and address problem remotely. Enhance Security- Cyber security being the top priority of all organizations, they outsource remote monitoring services so that threats can be more quickly detected, identified, analyzed, prioritized and dealt with accordingly. Reduce total cost of ownership by 50%- all the expenses that go along with recruiting, hiring, training and retaining staff are saved by 50% by outsourcing remote monitoring services. Early threat detection- After an issue arises, remote monitoring services send an alert enabling IT administrators to take immediate and necessary measures to ensure that the threat does not result in diminished productivity and downtime. Lack of remote monitoring, results in an issue going unnoticed for days or weeks, resulting in an expensive and large-scale problem. About Suma Soft: Suma Soft’s remote monitoring services offer 24×7 Remote Monitoring Services Team with experience of handling 500+ Remote Monitoring Projects. It saves 70% Costs by outsourcing and reduces downtime by 99.99%.