T2 YES, Inc.

T2 Y.E.S Inc. is a Georgia nonprofit organization committed to using global career exploration and training as a tool to educate, empower, and employ youth grades 9th-12th. “Changing the face of teen empowerment; one career at a time” is the theme that T2 Y.E.S gives to its cutting-edge experience that equips its participants with the tools needed to become self-aware, culturally diverse, globally exposed, and expertly trained. T2 Y.E.S Inc. was created as a tool for both intervention and prevention for teens. First, T2 Y.E.S responded to the growing number of teens who fall victim to crime, drugs, and high school dropout rates. Secondly, T2 Y.E.S Inc. sought to provide opportunities for teens that were at a risk of meeting challenges as they transition to adulthood. T2 Y.E.S believes that teens that are exposed to their skills and career interests are more likely to stay focused on achieving success and thus, avoid risky behaviors that could derail their lives. T2. Y.E.S‘s approach to teen empowerment directly stimulates communities by decreasing the school dropout rates, developing teens into productive citizens, and providing meaningful employment opportunities that match abilities, interests, and talents. There are several unique programs across Georgia that meet career, developmental, and even employment needs of teens. However, there are very few that provide all of the services through one program; requiring parents or agencies to search several different locations to meet the needs of their teens. T2 Y.E.S holistically taps into skills and passions as a tool to assist teens developmentally, behaviorally, professionally, socially, and culturally cultivating teenagers into global career ambassadors. T2 Y.E.S will focus initially on developing and implementing structure to its Automotive Appearance Academy (A3). T2 Y.E.S will partner with high schools to implement A3 into an after school format using automotive appearance specialties to fulfill its mission of educating, empowering, and employing 9th -12 grade girls or boys who are interested in exploring a career in auto design/detail. After achieving sustainability of its A3 programming, T2 Y.E.S will strategically add academies to provide training and exposure in other career/skill interests such as Technology, Culinary, and the Arts, with its ultimate goal of expanding globally. T2’s 2013-2015 Strategic Plan establishes goals, actions, and indicators. Each goal and action is linked with an indicator. The goals were developed around the following six areas of focus, 1. Governance 2. Marketing and Visibility 3. Policy and Procedure 4. Succession Planning 5. Sustainability 6. Increase Sustainability