TAIN Constructions

TAIN is a privately held, globally minded real estate firm whose mission is to provide clients & investor / customers with quality product and services using the best resources available. As a dynamic young firm, we offer our clients, investor / customers & employees breakthrough ideas in an ever changing business environment using our in-depth expertise, creativity, sound knowledge and a wealth of cross-cultural experience. Known as technology lead real estate firm, TAIN procures designs, creates, manages and maintains the perfect real estate space in some of the fastest developing regions in the world. Our clients' expectations become our blueprint, the core of our construction. Strategy, insight, innovation and strict adherence to time and costs, are just a few of the TAIN deliverables, which come with a premium product and sustained service. Since its inception in 2001 TAIN has created projects of the highest quality aesthetic relevance and value beyond proposition for all it investor / customers not ignoring the well being of local communities as the belief it holds is to provide a complete living environment For Further Details Contact: Mr. Tanveer Inamdar CEO, TAIN Constructions tanveer@tain-con.com