Tatiana Karelina LTD

Tatiana Hair Extensions has undergone a total brand review and today unveiled its new name, logo and website to supports its evolution into a leading full service salon and in preparation for London expansion and international growth. After six years, the internationally recognised “Tatiana Hair Extensions” has been renamed “Tatiana Karelina” to accommodate our natural and care oriented vision while still retaining the core element of the company’s trusted brand heritage. As part of the rebranding Tatiana Karelina have redesigned their website while incorporating the latest web development technology. The one-page parallax website, a first for a hair salon globally using scrolling to reveal new content and high-resolution images. The name Tatiana Hair extensions, already internationally recognised for their superior quality in product and has been built into one of the most reputable hair extension brands in the UK offering superior quality, ethically sourced virgin Russian hair. Some of the companies many unique offerings is to perfectly colour match virgin natural hair to the individual client, working with methods of fitting that are the most advanced on the market and offering a wider range of lengths and tailor made options that surpass any other UK based Salon. Positioning Tatiana Karelina, as the face of the brand, was the logical next step in the company’s evolution as it allows Tatiana to step out to be personally recognised as a leading UK authority in hair extensions. Commenting on Tatiana Karelina’s rebranding , founder, Tatiana Karelina said; “Within a crowded industry the hair extension landscape has become extremely complicated for the end client to navigate. The industry lacks a voice of trust. I am keen to become that voice of trust and in doing so will be able to empower our clients by making things simpler. I would like to promote the idea of hair extensions, not as a product purely of dramatic vanity, but as simple every day accessory used by women to enhance their looks and boost their confidence. Hair extensions and hair accessories should be viewed in the 21st century the same way women in the 20th century embraced hats”