TDCNet Inc.

TDCNet was founded in 1980 to service businesses across Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Scarborough. The company is owned by Brendan Howe and we have a team of 11 technical and support professionals who work with our clients. When you walk into our Toronto office, you’ll notice something a little different about us right away. The walls are orange, our staff is smiling and having a bit of fun as we help businesses navigate complex technical challenges. We’ve invested in an advanced lab facility to effectively configure new machines and fix ones that need repair. Our network operations centre has several monitors showing us the health of our clients’ sites and our internal service delivery metrics such as client service scores, response and resolution times. Above the dashboards you’ll see “Our goal is to prevent all technology problems for our clients.” We live and breathe that goal in everything we do. We are getting closer and closer to that goal every day by improving the best practices we employ and the maintenance we perform on a weekly basis.