Where to go in this crisis? There are arrays of on line jobs on the web, the numbers of applicants here in the Philippines are increasing, and it needs proper program from the government to spruce this job employment. Because of the technology, there are beautiful minds and soul at the IT and Computer Science working as independent organization and company that inclines in innovating manpower banking to hire potential talents and skilled workers through out the country. with its flag “ Be Pratical lets get technical” is symbol of torch giving lights of opportunity to the jobs seekers in different part of the Philippine Archipelago riding to the waves of Internet connection. The end users need to connect with the site, the URL (Universal Resource Locator) and the jobs are displayed in category concomitant of dates and the name of the company. Enlisted are the technical jobs offered by different companies, universities, research center, recruiters etc. With the agencies/employers around, who’d like to constitute a brick and mortar office for market promotions, they could use the job agents and bulk posting to scan similar database with matching criteria and collaborate to each other. TECJOBS bridges the gap between technical professionals and employers. TECHJOBS is viral. Every new job post is auto-tweeted to our Twitter account (techjobsph) and our FB page. So those that loves networking and tweeting will enjoy the slick features TECHJOBS has to offer. With Techjobs, job seekers gamut from vocational to degree courses graduates could post their resume by uploading their resume or by using TechJobs very own - resume wizard. These resumes are searchable by employers through “Resume Search”. Job seekers could create their own customized accounts like facebook and twitter does. Every registered job seeker will have their personal URL in the format - Most of all, Job posting is FREE, Job applicants can apply for FREE!!! Every feature of the site is available with no cost.